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Sweet Grass Cooperative
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Red Barn Ranch, Las Vegas, NM

    As lifetime cattle producers, Daniel and Deborah Unruh are excited to be raising natural, grass-fed beef to supply local people.  Daniel and Deborah have a small ranch north of Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Sons Luke and Nathan help on the ranch with the day to day animal husbandry tasks.  As a family, the Unruh's have always enjoyed their own home-raised beef, and so they find great personal satisfaction in sharing that experience with others who also appreciate knowing exactly where their food comes from.  


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    Red Barn Ranch's mother cows are mainly black, Angus based genetics; however, they try to always utilize crossbreeding as a tool to capture hybrid vigor.  They currently use some Hereford cross bulls, which usually results in the classic crossbred calf, the "black baldy" (black with the white face). 

    After spring calving, the cow herd is taken to the mountains for the summer.  Here the calves together with their mothers live in "God's Country", grazing mountain meadows at 8,000 to 11,000 ft. altitude until October, when they gather them and bring them down to lower altitudes for the winter (They welcome you to come join them when they ride into the summer pastures on horseback to check and move the pairs!). 

    The Unruh's are continually striving, by selection and breeding decisions, to better fit the cows to the environment they live in.  Cattle also contribute to one of nature's tools for reducing fire damage by grazing excess forage which, when dry, fuels wildfires.  In this way, Red Barn Ranch and their cows continue to be a viable and sustainable link in allowing the cows to convert some of earth's resources that would otherwise not be used (because of remote and inaccessible terrain) into a safe, sensible, and enjoyable protein source for you.  The calves are grown (without any hormones or antibiotics, of course) until they are the appropriate size and age for harvest, at which time they are taken to a USDA inspected facility for processing into the different cuts and ground beef products available for your natural, healthy eating enjoyment.  Come out and see the cows sometime!