Sweet Grass Cooperative

Sweet Grass Cooperative
P.O. Box 1206
Alamosa, CO 81101

Peculiar Farms, Los Lunas, NM

All natrual farm located in the Middle Rio Grand Valley of Los Lunas NM, specializing in the production of free range eggs and grass fed beef.

Peculiar Farms is committed to using the resources of its Los Lunas farm wisely to produce healthy food. This means organic methods of farming, coupled with superior varieties, and only well water to avoid the harmful chemicals that appear in the traditional Albuquerque run-off fed ditches used by most farms. Proximity to market means more nutrients are preserved and therefore your health is improved.

Our endeavor here at Peculiar Farms is to provide excellent, all natural, sustainable, local produce to our surrounding communities, stores, and resturants for their enjoyment and health! Please join us in this effort! #bepeculiar