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Maytag Mountain Ranch, Hillside, CO

Maytag Mountain Ranch is a 3,000-acre working cattle ranch that was owned and operated by Russ Maytag and his wife, Jeannie, for more than 30 years. The Ranch is certified USDA organic and is located in Hillside, Colorado with a breeding herd of 100 cows.

In order to preserve the Ranching life-style and interest others in this profession, Russ and Jeannie developed a plan to turn the Ranch into a community-owned Ranch. 27 homesteads were created on the Ranch for sale to others interested in becoming co-owners in the Ranch. Most of the land is kept open for cattle and horse grazing.

Today, the Ranch is operated by this group of owners that comprise the not-for-profit Ranch Owner Association. All the common land, buildings, cattle herd and horse herd are owned by the Association and all owners have a voice in the Ranch operation. The ranch produced and sold 55 cattle in 2010 to direct market sales; the ranch has the capacity to produce 60-75 cattle with its present land base. The Ranch currently has 3 full-time employees that operate the Ranch and report to the owners. This Ranch is an innovative concept designed to preserve the small-family ranching concept with a group of like-minded owners.

Visit us at www.MaytagMountainRanch.com